Tuesday, April 15, 2014

10 Months Old!

In just three days my chunka will be 10 months old! I say it every time, but I cannot believe it. This past month/age has been one of my favorites for sure. She is into so much and learning new things almost daily. Here's a quick overview of the exciting things that have been going on.

Chunka LOVES to read. 
This is her favorite book entitled "Baby's Best Friend." She has been known to let you read to her for a solid hour. 

Chunka loves to play with her blocks/name puzzle.
She can't quite figure out how to place the letters yet, but she knows what she's supposed to be doing. 

Chunka loves her ball pit. 
A gift from a friend; this has quickly become one of her favorite attractions. She dives in and crawls out with ease and speed! 


Chunka can almost walk! 
She flies around with the help of this walker, but it won't be long until she's walking tall on her own. 

Chunka can say "night night."

Chunka can say "duck."

Speaking of "duck," Chunka LOVES her duck.
He is her best buddy and is always close by her side. 

My angel baby is the light of my life!!!!!!!!! I never knew I could love on this level. And it gets deeper and deeper with every day that passes. I love you, Audrey Emeline!!

Thursday, March 13, 2014


Howdy folks!!

It's rodeo season here and as usual, my country side is out in full force!  I've had it planned for awhile now to take chunka to the rodeo. I bought her an outfit back in November and her uncle bought her some adorable boots for Christmas.My sister was in town for the week and she had never been to the rodeo so we decided to make an afternoon of it.

So, Saturday after she arrived we loaded up the car and headed out. I was worried that Audrey might be fussy because she didn't get in a good nap beforehand and that usually sets the tone of the day. However, to my surprise and delight, she was absolutely PERFECT!  She fully enjoyed herself.  My sister snapped some pics of us (I am in love with them), and I got some play-by-plays of little miss. personality.

In our rodeo outfit. 

She's so sweet!!!

Boots are yummy. 

So is hay......

A bottle to start off with. 

Then some french fries.

And some cotton candy. 

Then mommy bought her a toy. 

She was quite intrigued. 

All in all, FABULOUS first experience out at the rodeo with baby. I'm looking forward to our next adventure! 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Yep. I'm THAT Mom.

Since becoming a mother 8 months ago, I've been monitoring my "mothering" ways to see just what type of mother I am. Before having a child, I always thought I knew what kind of parent I would be; how I would view certain things (i.e. exposure to germs, safety, keeping a clean house, etc.). But once Audrey was born, everything changed. Well, not everything, but a LOT of things. Things I thought I would never be okay with, I'm totally fine. And things I thought wouldn't bother me do bother me.

So, what kind of mom am I? I'm THAT mom.

I'm THAT mom who recycles rice puffs that fall on the floor and in between the cracks of the car seat because she can't justify getting out new ones when those are perfectly fine.

I'm THAT mom who allows rice puffs to remain on her floor and allows her child to eat them off of the floor as she crawls along.

I'm THAT mom who doesn't require that every single toy be sanitized regularly. I'll hand her something today that she slobbered all over yesterday.

I'm THAT mom who doesn't bathe her child daily. I bathe her as needed; meaning I don't leave her stinking to the high heavens or dirty.

I'm THAT mom whose house looks like a tornado hit it. Toys are everywhere, clothes are everywhere, shoes are everywhere. Navigating it is a skill and I am well trained in it.

I'm THAT mom because I choose to spend my evenings and free time with my daughter, first and foremost, and then with myself. Rather than kill myself from exhaustion trying to make sure my house is spic and span, I take a hot bath after the baby is in bed and then catch a few shows on Hulu.

I'm THAT mom who, 9 times out of 10, puts her child to bed with a bottle. I don't rock her to sleep or hold her until she falls asleep

I'm THAT mom because I know good and well that the next morning, no matter how late I'm running or how hurried I may be, I will put my baby in my bed and lay with her while she drinks her morning bottle. I would rather have that time with her than the night before when I know she's just tired.

I'm THAT mom who wears her house slippers out of the house with her heels thrown in the diaper bag because she doesn't want to fall down the stairs carrying the baby.

I'm THAT mom who puts her makeup on in the car or at work so that she has more time at home with her baby.

I'm THAT mom who loves her baby beyond her wildest dreams and knows that even though her house and car may be a total wreck, and even though her parenting style may not match up to what experts say, or even to what the general public says/thinks, she is doing what is right for her and her family. And she will continue to do so no matter what anyone thinks and may tell you to mind your own business if you stick your nose in hers.

Yeah.....I'm THAT mom.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

8 Months Old

My chunky monkey turned 8 months old yesterday. What a difference a month can make! She is crawling EVERYWHERE and standing up on EVERYTHING! Mommy can hardly keep up! Here are some snapshots and footage of the past month. Enjoy!

Audrey is really starting to enjoy "real" food now. This is hummus. Clearly a favorite. 

Audrey had her first Valentines Day date; John Carter. Apparently roses are yummy. 

She was not a happy valentine that morning, however. But certainly a cute one!

I love this new "smile" she has going on. She has 6 teeth now; 4 on top and 2 on bottom. 


Here she is! Crawling like crazy! 

Monday, February 10, 2014

Farewell, Faithful Friend

I've not been updating my blog as often as I used to, so for those who follow here, this will come as a surprise.

Yesterday was my last day with my precious Charlie girl.  My life is changing rapidly; I'm moving in a month, Audrey is now crawling and standing and into EVERYTHING, and with all of the changes, poor Charlie girl was just not getting the attention that I felt she deserved. She had also become very jealous of the baby and I was very concerned about how she would react with Audrey becoming more mobile. The combo of all of that led me to the painful decision of re-homing her. I said a prayer and posted an add on my company's Yammer site. To my delight, I got a response. A guy that I work with thought she would be a good match as a playmate for his dog (an Australian Shepherd). We did a trial run a few weeks ago and it went well. He agreed to take her and yesterday he came and picked her up.

With the way things have been going lately, I kinda figured I would put my feelings of loss aside in a "to be dealt with at a later time" compartment and move forward. But scrolling though pictures today have made me misty eyed.

Charlie came to me as a result of my last relationship. You can read that full story here.

I could make this post go on for hours with story after story of my faithful companion, but I will leave you with one short one and a ton of pictures instead. ;)

After my ex and I parted ways I fell into an incredibly deep depression. Most days it was all I could do to function at work and as soon as I would get home all I wanted to do was sleep. I've read that dogs are really in tune with our emotions, however, if Charlie knew I was having it rough, she completely ignored the fact. Instead of offering a shoulder for me to cry on, she demanded that I pay attention to her, namely walking her at the track across the street each night. If I failed to do so, she would whine and annoy me until I gave in. At first I was extremely bitter about it. I didn't want to be walking my dog, I wanted to be sleeping and grieving. But as time went by and night after night I put on my sneakers and made my way around the track, I started noticing a change. I was no longer anxious to get back home to my bed of misery. I began to enjoy the walks. They became a safe haven where I could process my thoughts a midst a beautiful setting sun. And slowly but surely, I started to live again.  Maybe Charlie was in tune, maybe somehow she knew that the only way for me to get better was to continue on; to plow forward.

I will miss my Charlie girl so very much and I am so grateful for the past 4 years that I got to be her mommy.


Friday, January 24, 2014

Happiness Is Mine.

I promised you a happy post last week and I failed to fulfill. So here it is!!

My precious angel baby that I am so deeply, madly in love with is 7 months old!! I cannot believe how fast the time is flown by. Before I know it she will be a year old! But I refuse to think that far ahead. Right now she is 7 months old and a total "mess cat," as I call her. She is so on the verge of crawling it's not even funny. The platinum blonde hair is getting thicker by the day. She loves to laugh and play. And as crazy as it sounds, she can keep a beat!!! She loves to pat her hands and kick her feet. She brings me joy beyond measure. 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Change Is A-Coming.

When I can sense big changes on the horizon in my life, my first instinct is to look back at things in my past; almost as though I'm asking my past for permission to move forward. I become reminiscent. I start looking through old pictures, old emails, etc. I have a good laugh or two and sometimes a good cry or two. And then I go through the phase that I despise. I call it the "holding" phase.

It's a phase where I'm not quite ready for the coming change, yet I know I can't go back. With one foot in my past and the other in my future, I find myself stuck; on "hold." It's usually a very long phase as well, which is one of the reasons that I despise it so. Some days I'll wake up thrilled about my future and what it holds. I'll be all smiles all day long; singing in the car, laughing with friends, loving life. And yet the very next day I could wake up terribly upset. I'll spend the day listening to old songs and thinking about old times with lost friends wishing that I could somehow find a time machine and go back to a place that is familiar. No matter how bad things might have been, at least they were familiar. I knew what was coming unlike the daunting future in which nothing is clear. And sadly, nothing helps. No one can help me make it better. No amount of prodding or pleading will change anything. I am the only one that can pull myself out of this phase and only when the time is right. 

I'm fairly certain the purpose of this phase is to teach me and to heal me. To teach me lessons from my past so that I don't make the same mistakes in the future and to heal me from any wounds that I might have acquired. 

So here I sit...on hold again.....at least I'm in charge of the music selection....