Friday, December 7, 2012

Here I Go Again On My Own.

Yes, another song lyric. Music is a major part of who I am so be prepared for song titles, lyrics and the like to be included in almost every post.

Well, tomorrow I will be back on my own. For the past couple of months I've been living with my mom. I moved in with her after I changed jobs. I was living about an hour from where I am now (due to a job), but after I accepted a new position closer to my family, I needed to move closer to it and wanted to move closer to them.

Originally the plan was to buy a house. It's truly a buyer's market right now and I'm one of those that hates throwing rent away. But after several unforeseen expenses and a credit score I hadn't expected, it isn't going to work out for now. At first I was really upset. I really wanted to have a home with a backyard for my dog and plenty of room for family to come over and visit once the baby is born. But, sometimes you just have to let things happen as they're meant to. I've got a short term plan for saving for the baby and its needs and then a somewhat long term plan for getting a down payment saved up and working on my credit score.  And after talking to several people about it, an apartment seems easier as a new single mom. No maintenance to worry about on my own. Plus the apartments that I'm moving into actually have a concierge service and will do your grocery shopping for you! How nifty is that?!  Once Peanut comes I will be utilizing that for sure!

So, disappointment aside, I feel pretty at peace about it all. I did end up getting a one bedroom in order to help save money. Yikes! Hehe. Peanut and mommy will REALLY be bonding. We will make it though. And hopefully in a year or two I'll be able to give Peanut a cute little house to grow in. However for now, he/she seems happy with the current living arrangements (mommy's belly!)

12 and half weeks. 

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  1. I'll miss your company in the evenings, but I love that we are so close now! I can cook for you!