Monday, December 3, 2012

It's On and Poppin!'

Hello bloggers and readers alike!

Today marks the beginning of the continuing story. But first, let me backtrack so you know exactly what the story is.

Back in March of this year (don't worry, I'll make this fast), I made the choice to become a mother on my own - a Choice Mom.  After several mishaps (the surprise of endometriosis, a failed IUI and multiple surgeries) I have officially become pregnant and am currently 12 weeks along with my precious Peanut.

Originally I was blogging my journey for the local newspaper, but as I'm getting further and further along in the pregnancy, I decided I wanted a blog with a more personal touch. Something I can make pretty and change up.  While I won't be re-posting every single post from my previous blog, I will be re-posting 2 specific posts that explain how I came to this decision and how I went about choosing a donor.

But for now, here I am; stage 2 of this incredible journey. I look forward to sharing all of my wishes and dreams, hopes and fears with you all.  Today, however, has yet to consist of  any wishes and dreams aside from my desire for a McDonald's biscuit and orange juice. But trust me, there's more than that to come.  Stay tuned cause Peanut has just officially "popped!" This is gonna be fun!