Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Nursery Blues

So last night I got a little sad because I don't have a nursery to decorate. Granted, it's highly possible that was a manifestation of preggo hormones since I have been rather touchy lately. Hehe. I tend to go from really happy, to really upset, to really sad, and then back again. BUT, I know some of it was just true emotion.  I was very much looking forward to making Peanut's space all his/her own. I had a ton of ideas for the wall hangings and shelves. But, life happens. I still plan on putting up a few things in my room that are the "baby's." A couple of shelves and a cute little hanging rack for clothes. I have decided against a crib and will be getting a co-sleeper. I know that I would most likely have the child in my bed anyway, especially since I'm single. So I might as well set up the room for it and save some space. They have one in a more chocolate color which is probably what I'll get:

Long story short, it attaches to the side of your bed so that you can just reach over and get the baby. I think it will work out really well. 

As far as the other parts of the house go....YIKES! It's somewhat starting to come together but I am missing two major staple furniture pieces - a couch and dining set. The hope is that I will get my bonus this year (fingers crossed) and that money will go towards those things. If not, it will most likely be March before I'm able to get them. I'll live but it's a total pain in the butt. And I can't really do much decorating until I get a couch and see what sort of feel the room is going to have. Oh well. It is what it is. 

Nothing too exciting on the pregnancy front. OH! I felt or am pretty sure I felt Peanut move over the weekend. The doctor told me I should before the next appointment. It was really, really weird. Haha. That's what made think that was probably it. I can't wait until he/she starts kicking! I did find some maternity pants that fit me FINALLY! I have been searching everywhere. I have the issue of being 5'9 which makes most things too short. Then there is also the cost issue, which is really my issue. I REFUSE to buy expensive maternity clothes. While I may one day be pregnant again (hopefully) I still don't see investing more money into my maternity wear than I would in my day to day wear. Anyway, I didn't realize Old Navy had maternity clothing in store, I thought it was just online. But I ended up finding a pair in store what were the right size AND the right length. Yay! Now I just need a pair of skinny jeans and I think I'm set. I will most likely stick to dresses and shorts in the summer and by that point who knows how big I'll be. Ha! 

All in all, things are going pretty good. Only 3 more weeks until I get to find out Peanut's gender!!!!! Can't wait! 

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  1. You'll be fine. Andrew never slept in his bed. He prefers to sleep with Nana and Pa since his dad always had to get up early for work. He'll be 4 in March. Trust me, you will want Peanut as close to you as possible.

    There's nothing like feeling that first move and/or kick. Hormones go bonkers during pregnancy.

    I hope you'll share the gender! And, please continue to share pictures of your pregnant self.