Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Get Out There and See The World!

As the days and weeks go by and Peanut's arrival gets closer and closer, I find my priorities changing. And not in ways I ever thought they would.  As you know, I originally intended to be in a house by now. But unforeseen credit issues appeared and my job situation changed, causing me to end up back in a one bedroom apartment that baby girl and I will share. My goal has always been to be a homeowner by the time I am 30. I still have a few years to go and possibly could achieve that. However, recently I've found myself less and less drawn to a house and more and more drawn to a travel savings account.

I've always loved traveling and have been blessed to be able to do a decent amount. I've no where near been where I would like to be though and have never been out of the country except to Canada. I've always wanted to change that for my child and give them a very worldly life experience. I've watched several friends (via Facebook, naturally) travel and have seen how much it has enriched their lives. Obviously at a younger age a child will have little appreciation for the concept, but as they get older and start learning about places in books and in school, I don't doubt at all that they will have a desire to and appreciation of travel.

That being said, traveling is expensive. Flights are insane these days so even if you stay in "less than" hotels, you're still out a good bit of money.

So my thinking has become this: I live in a very nice apartment complex. For now, I plan to stay in a one bedroom until my daughter is around 3 or 4. Then I plan on upgrading to a two bedroom where I am or if I can find better rent in a two bedroom elsewhere, moving to a two bedroom. Then from there, who knows? I  know of plenty of people that are never homeowners and while it's an accomplishment that I once hoped to achieve and somewhat still do, it's not a priority anymore. If I do, I do. If  I don't, oh well. My daughter's quality of life won't suffer because of it. And I actually believe her life will be enriched with experiences that she will always carry with her. And while I am all about memories in your childhood dwelling, who says it has to be a house? Family is family and those type of memories can be made no matter where you live or what you live in, but traveling is an experience that cannot be replicated.

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