Thursday, January 3, 2013

Is a "System" a Necessity?

As the days and weeks fly by until Peanut gets here, I have recently done some serious thinking as to what I intend to purchase in the way of necessities for my little one. Of course the previously mentioned co-sleeper,  a changing table and perhaps a bouncer. I'll also need a car seat and stroller, but that purchase is creating somewhat of an internal conflict.

Originally I had planned on getting a travel system. I've had several friends who have used them and recommended them. However, I'm now leaning more towards just getting a convertible car seat and a stroller and completely exing-out the infant car seat.  I can't tell you how many times I have seen moms struggle with the ups and downs and ins and outs of an infant car seat. And while I understand the concept of carrying the child in the car seat (i.e. if the baby falls asleep, if you're shopping you can put the car seat in the buggy, etc.) I just don't think it's going to be the best option for me.

For one, I have an incredibly hard time carrying them. I've lifted several, with and without children in them and I can barely pick them up much less carry them for an extended period of time or up and down flights of stairs. Which leads me to, I live on the second floor of my complex. Parking is iffy and can sometimes be a beast causing me to have to park on the opposite side of the complex. There is no way I could even almost carry a car seat, a diaper bag and possibly other various items at one time across the parking lot and up the stairs. Call me a weakling, but that's just the truth.

Second, other than the baby possibly falling asleep and me not wanting to wake them in order to move them,  (Granted, if I were the one carrying them in the car seat, they will most likely be woken up anyway from the struggle.)  I can't see the purpose. I live in an apartment complex that has a concierge service and does all of my grocery shopping for me, so I won't be going to the grocery store with the child. I work all day, so in the evenings, I HIGHLY doubt I will want to get out anyway, but would much prefer to stay at home with my Peanut. And if I absolutely have to have something at say, a retail store, I will have a nanny during the day and can easily go during my lunch break. Or I can go on a Saturday and either make a day of it or grandma can watch Peanut while I shop (She may balk at that now, but I have a feeling she'll be begging to keep him/her.)

Third, it will be much cheaper this way. Okay maybe not MUCH, but cheaper is cheaper. The car seat that I'm looking at is good up until the child weighs 50 pounds, so that should last me up until at least age four or five. Whereas, if I get an infant car seat they're only good up until 30 pounds.

All of those things combined just leave me thinking that a travel system is not going to be the way to go for me. I guess should I try it without and decide I need one, I can always get one.

Thoughts? Any moms tried it without?


  1. You mother tried it without, and it worked! :-)

  2. We did not have a changing table, just a chest with a changing pad on top. We didn't have the system either. I had very large babies (more than 9.5 lbs) and I didn't think I could hold the carrier with the baby in it comfortably or carefully. We just had an awesome stroller and a baby bjorn (only for when they were really little). We did as much as possible on the cheap since you really don't use that stuff for long and most of that stuff has a really low resale value.

  3. I didn't use a system because i had limited trunk space. consider an infant seat for uses other than in the car. Andrew was enormous, so he outgrew the infant seat before it was convenient for me. Example: he couldn't hold his head up for a couple of months, so i was glad i had the seat when we were in restaurants. he couldn't stay in a seated petition til he was close to 7 months, so he couldn't sit in a high chair at a restaurant, but by then he had outgrown the infant seat. So he sat in his stroller a lot, but that removed him from the action at the table. I recommend a britax convertible that goes as high as possible for weight. I'd get an infant seat at a garage sale or something. If you're not driving with it, the crashworthiness doesn't matter.

  4. The infant carrier was a pain in the butt for me. I stopped taking it out of the car long before my baby outgrew it, and starting leaving it snapped in and just taking her out of the seat itself. They are heavy and cumbersome, and when we went shopping I usually wear her or put her in a stroller. I don't think you'll miss not having the infant carrier, and I agree it's more awesome to find a seat your Peanut can grow with. Good Luck!

  5. Thank you all! I am so glad to get first hand knowledge from women who did not use the infant car seats. As I said, I may not get one and decide I need it but I would rather do that than to buy one and not use it.