Monday, March 4, 2013

Mini Mommy-to-Be Makeover.

After throwing the idea around for quite some time, I decided to bite the bullet and get a PERM!

Yes, a perm. The last perm I had was about 13 years ago and it was horrific! My hair was crazy long and it was a spiral perm which left me looking very much like an unkempt,long-haired poodle! But after researching and looking at pictures, it appeared that perms had changed over the years and now could offer more of the "wavy" look that I love. I wanted something that would allow me to get the same look I had in my maternity pictures in less than half the time. That look was achieved by curling my hair on a flat-iron and took at least an hour, probably more like an hour and half.

So, I went in last week and had a consult. I showed the stylist a couple of pictures and after talking it over with her, decided to go for it. See what you think! I'm crazy about it! I'm still within the "no-wash" period so the picture from today is without having been washed and re-fixed.

Immediately after the perm. 

48 hours after. No washing and/or re-fixing. 

If you know me at all you know that I despise spending time on my hair. I like to be able to get up and go. I'm very optimistic that this look is going to allow for that. If so, I will just continue to get perms even as my hair gets longer. The wave would just fall further down, but that's just fine with long as it has some body and looks like it's been fixed.  

Along with the perm, I was able to find some really cute maternity clothes over the weekend. My mommy treated me to a shopping outing and we had quite a blast. Both of us found things for Peanut (naturally.) Hehe. Nonni bought her some adorable shoes and I got her three little outfits. I cannot wait until she's here and I get to play dress up for both of us! 

Her crib came in last week.  It's freaking adorable and the perfect size for my bedroom. My Nana is currently working on her bedding but I do have her sheets and bumpers. They are a little off in color in this picture, but they're lilac. 

I still have a good bit to do in my room before she arrives but I've put myself on a timeline and should be able to achieve everything that needs to be done. 

I'm officially 2 weeks out from my third trimester! Cannot believe it! My baby girl will be here very soon! YAY!!!

25 weeks.

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