Monday, March 25, 2013

Name for Baby.

Well, I've finally announced "Peanut's" name.  I had planned to wait until she was born, but I decided this would be best for my sanity. This way if anyone steals it, I can call them on it. Hehe. Here it is!!

Her middle name is pronounced "emma-line." 

Had a doctor's appointment today and an ultrasound. Pretty sure it will be the last one. Well, maybe one more but I think only because she is breech. I'm praying she turns her little self around in between now and delivery. I really do NOT want a c-section. She is looking great though. Nurse said she's very healthy. She weighs 2 and half pounds and was too long for them to get a full-body picture. 

Went over the hospital after the appointment to finish up my registration and take a tour of labor and delivery. It's a very nice hospital, however, they don't utilize their nursery. Once you have the baby, the baby just stays in the room with you the entire time. Some mom's might be hesitant to send their baby to the nursery anyway, but not this one. I fully intended on utilizing the service. After all, I'm paying $500+ a night to stay there, I might as well get a decent night's sleep for my money! But, oh well.  Hopefully my delivery isn't too intense to the point of sheer exhaustion. If she doesn't turn, I may not have a delivery at all. Ugh. Really hope that's not the case. 

Things are finally coming together on her side of the room. The shelves that I bought are finished, except now, I think we (we meaning Nonni) are going to repaint them another color. Once that's done I just need a few knick-knacks to put inside them and I should be finished. I've not had too much luck in finding things, but I've not really searched on a mission, but mainly just browsed here and there. I still have the entire month of April in order to reach my goal so that helps. 

Well, I guess that's all for now. I am crazy nauseated after that ultrasound. They always make me sick!  Next time I'll post a belly update. It's getting on out there! 


  1. My baby was breech. At my 36 week appointment, the doctor turned him. It was not pleasant, but much better than doing a c-section. They didn't do an ultrasound. At that point in a pregnancy, the doctor can feel for the baby's head. If they don't feel a head, they turn it. Also, you won't get a good night's sleep after you deliver. They have to take your temperature and blood pressure at least every 6 hours after you deliver so they wake you up.

  2. Emmaline is close to my great grandmother's name and was on the short list for my daughter's name when I was pregnant. Pronounced -lean though.
    I agree with the above. The nurses will keep you up. They have to check your abdomen, your blood pressure, your temperature periodically so even if you did use the nursery, the hospital is not a good place to rest. I just kept the lights down whenever possible.

  3. I've been keeping up with your blog and love, love, LOVE her name! Audrey is one of my favorites! I can't wait for her arrival!