Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Note Card Party - Charlie Girl

This is my first time joining Vee's Note Card Party.  I was intrigued after seeing my mom's post and decided I would give it a go! Nothing too fancy, but here it is.

"You talking to me??"

"This is what all the cool dogs are wearing!" 

"Pretty please??!!!" 


  1. Awwww...are you the little girl with the dolly? That was the cutest photo.

    I have a miniature poodle who has had to wear "the hood." Not very much fun for any of us. But Charlie looks okay with it. In fact, she looks positively cheerful about it.

    Thanks for joining in!

    1. Yes, that's me! I've actually asked my mom to recreate the photo once I have my little girl. She can add that to the party when the time comes! :)

      Poor Charlie has had to wear the hood for quite some time but she is always happy for the most part. She's a trooper!

      It was fun to join in. I will for sure be doing so again!

  2. Very handsome pup!! Fun note cards.

  3. Hello Leslie, so nice to meet you via blogger. Welcome to an adventure. Your photographs are great. Congrats on your coming blessing. What a wonderful thing to have a daughter. We have four. I love being a gramma. Going over to visit your mom's blog now.

  4. Cute dogs and cute quotes!
    Congratulations on your almost new baby, too.

  5. After commenting how sweet you looked with your doll so long ago and how you would make an awesome mother, I had no idea I'd end up your blog too. :-)
    I have a dog with attitude too and he had to wear a collar at one time himself.
    Wishing you a healthy baby when the time comes.

  6. Thanks for all the warm welcomes and well wishes! I am thrilled about my baby girl and will certainly have a bounty of note cards once she arrives!! Hehe.

    Looking forward to checking out everyone's cards!

  7. Hi Lesley, welcome to Vee's notecard party.... That Charlie is a handsome dude, and seems to be handling his new head dress well! Congratulations on your new soon to be blessings.
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. What a cute pooch! Very expressive face, LOL. Glad to have you jump in on the note card party!

  9. Love your caption for that second picture--how cute! Charlie looks like a very nice dog! Welcome to the party.