Monday, March 18, 2013

We're in the Home Stretch!

THIRD TRIMESTER!!!!! Can't believe it's here! Yesterday marked three months exactly until Peanut's due date. Just three short (hopefully) months! I've got stuff going on from now until April so that will fly by. The month of April is pretty tame right now so hopefully that time will be spent finishing up my apartment, namely my room and her area in it. 

I'm getting really nervous but really excited. It's still all very surreal.  Over the past week I have felt all of that second trimester energy drain and I am now totally exhausted. I want to do nothing but sleep all day. I've become accustomed to sleeping on my side and can actually get somewhat comfortable at night unless my back is acting up. Baby still moves a lot, but she's calmed down a little bit. She's about 15 inches long now according to my calculator so she is clearly running out of room in there. Now it's mainly about the weight gain. Last week she weight approx. 2 pounds. I have my final (I believe) ultrasound next week and I hope they do all her measurements and weight her as best as they can. I have no clue how that's done but I've heard several mothers-to-be say the baby was "weighed" at their appointment. We shall see. I'm excited to see her once more before I actually meet her.  I've been contemplating what she will look like recently. My vote is for brown eyes and brown hair. I have blue eyes, her dad has brown eyes, I have brown hair, her dad has blond hair. With that combo I look for the brown gene to dominate. I've been praying she gets his complexion rather than mine. He is half Portuguese and tans very easily. I have somewhat of a pink undertone to my skin and am more on the fair side. I can tan, but it's by the sweat of my brow these days. So ultimately, I could end up with a brown haired, brown-eyed, tan little girl! I would love that! I guess I could also end up with a blue-eyed, blond haired, fair little girl, but with what I've read about gene domination, I think that's a less likely scenario. No matter what the combo is I'm sure she will be gorgeous. :)  Already a proud momma, if you can't tell! 

On another note, the weather has finally become very enjoyable. I am breaking out my tshirts and shorts. YAY! I've got to get a few more casual tops for the remainder of the pregnancy but I am pretty much set in the bottoms and work department. Now that I'm almost done I get my wardrobe situation under control. Ha! Oh well. I will for sure be keeping all of my maternity clothing in case there is a second baby in my future. 

Along with the fabulous weather comes many things I am excited about: sno cones, baseball games, cookouts, etc.  I've already had five sno cones since last weekend. Yes, five. I've been craving them since January so it will be interesting to see how many I have. Hehe. 

That's all for now. Hope everyone has a great week! 

27 Weeks. 

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