Monday, April 15, 2013

Mosaic Monday: Bitter End.

We are approaching the end and the closer we get the more miserable I become. I've been hyping myself up for this last bit and clearly it didn't work. Ha! I am soooooo tired. I do get random bursts of energy but they are short lived and almost not worth taking advantage of because after exerting the energy, I'm doubly exhausted.

Luckily I've accomplished almost everything on my "to-do" list before Audrey's arrival. I detailed my car last weekend (notice I said "I" detailed.) Spent 4 hours on it at least. It turned out awesome though and the next day I successfully put in baby girl's car seat. I love it!!! Shortly thereafter, Charlie and I went on a test drive. I've got to see how she will be in the backseat with the car seat there. So far she's been nothing but a doll. She got a little aggressive when someone walked next to the window while the car was parked, but I know she's crazy protective already, so pretty sure that's all that was. I'll make the final decision on whether or not to let her ride next to Audrey after I see how she responds to her.

The other biggie on my to-do list was/is to finish my apartment. I'm not quite there but I'm so very close. Nonni came over this weekend and helped me finish Audrey's area. I think it is sooooo cute. I'm still waiting on one more piece to pull it together, but once I get that I'll post a picture. Now all that's left is my vanity/dresser and I have NO clue what to put there. It may just end up staying barren like it is now. I will try my best to put my OCD aside and just let it be. Hehe.  Other than that, the only thing I need to do is give the house a good cleaning....and soon. I am just guessing but I highly doubt that I'm going to feel like doing much besides surviving after the next 2-4 weeks! 

On a personal note, if you read one of my latest posts, you know that I was considering cutting all my hair off. Well, I did it. So glad that I did. It's super easy and just really fits my lifestyle at the moment. 

I am looking really pregnant these days. I went to my fertility clinic's annual baby shower this weekend and my doctor said, "Wow! That is a bump!" Indeed it is. And becoming bumpier every day!. I'm to the point that if I drop something on the floor I have to seriously consider how badly I need it before attempting to pick it up.  I can also feel her dropping and I've had several Braxton Hicks.

My shower is in 3 weeks! Very excited about that. I now wish I had opted to have it at 7 months pregnant vs. 8 months pregnant, but hindsight is 20/20. As long as they prop me up on a couple of pillows I should be okay.

Well, I guess that's all the news I have for today! Hope everyone has a great week!

31 Weeks!

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