Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Day of Firsts.

Yesterday was a day of firsts for my Audrey girl.

The 1st first was her first appointment with the pediatrician. Originally we were scheduled for an 8:15am appointment, however, we are so not on a sleeping and eating schedule yet so mommy totally overslept. Luckily they had another opening at 10:45 and we took that one. We snapped a photo while in the waiting room. I love how she's smiling!! Hehe!!

Audrey girl is doing just great! She's grown half an inch and put on .6 oz since her discharge from the hospital. The doctor said she is taller than 82% of babies in her age range. And he guesstimates based on my height and her dad's height that she will be 5'9 (which is how tall I am). 

During the appointment my angel doll was just PERFECT! They had it beyond freezing in the office and of course she had to be undressed. She let out a tiny whimper when I took off her onesie, but I quickly covered her up in a blankie her Aunt Dayle bought her and she became quiet as a church mouse. 

Then at the end of the appointment they had to prick her foot and squeeze out blood drops onto a paper for screening. My sweetie let out exactly two cries and then did this,.....

Yep. Curled up on her mommy and fell asleep while they squeezed her poor little foot for about 10 minutes. PERFECT BABY!!

The 2nd first was so very precious. Audrey laughed out loud for the first time today. She had her little eyes closed and let out the cutest little giggle you've ever heard! I've read that when babies smile at a young age it's really gas and I assumed when they laughed it was the same thing. I've had a couple of people say that it's not gas and that she really is laughing. Not sure if there is science or not to back up either theory but I will take it as being a real laugh! So cute! 

The 3rd and final first was Audrey's first sink bath. While Nonni was changing her diaper we had a bit of an accident (several accidents, actually) and it seemed like the perfect time to break out the baby bather. Nonni was happy to be the first at giving the bath while mommy snapped some pictures. 

It was a very big day for my girl and a big day for mommy too! I am so excited about the many others to come!!! I love her so much it's insane!!! 

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  1. I love these pictures! I love this baby even more! And the mommy!! The picture of her curled up under the lamb blanket is so adorable! Makes me wanta cry.