Thursday, July 11, 2013

Out and About.

Well, new motherhood is in full swing.  My baby girl is three weeks old! We are still working on some sort of a routine, but I've pretty much just said forget it; we will get one when we get one.  As of now, Audrey wakes up about two times a night and to me, that's pretty darn good. Our days consist of a whole lot of nothing with an occasional outing. At first, my OCD self struggled with this. I'm very much a person who thrives on consistency, routine and structure. However, if there is one thing an infant does not allow for, it's structure! I learned this very quickly and have finally embraced it. I do make an effort to keep some sort of order to our days. I try to have at least one "outing" per day, even if it's just to the apartment clubhouse to meet up with a friend. I think doing so helps me keep my sanity and also gives me a reason not to become totally lazy. I make myself dress "up" even if we are just going to Nonni's house. I'll take a shower and put on my makeup...little things that help curve my obsession with control. Hehe.

Audrey is amazing. She is seriously the calmest, most chill baby I do believe I've ever seen. She only cries when something is wrong (she's hungry or needs a diaper change). She gets a little fussy when she's gassy, but you can tell that's what's wrong and when I say "fussy" I mean some big frowns and an occasional whimper. Other than that, she is the picture of serenity. I find it quite humorous actually considering her mother has 2 anxiety disorders. However, it just proves that anxiety disorders are developed due to circumstances and over time vs. being a chemical imbalance or hereditary (but that's another topic for another day).  No matter the reason, I am truly BLESSED to have such a calm baby and I am fully aware of this and grateful for it.

We've gone out on several adventures since my last post. Two were shopping trips (naturally), one was to the salon and the other was to see my grandparents (it was also Audrey's first road trip - to read more about it, you can head over to Nonni's blog).  All outings went swimmingly.

The first was to Old Navy. Mommy has gone up two sizes in the lower half of her body since having a baby. I know it takes time for the body to recoop after having a child, so it's possible that I'll end up back where I started, however, the change is more of a "hip widening" vs. actual weight. I'm actually only 5 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight and only 11 pounds away from my pre-IVF hormone weight. And in all honestly, I would be a total happy camper if I stayed where I am. I tried for years to put on weight, so maybe this will be my victory in that department. Anyway, while I'm not investing in an entire new wardrobe just yet, I did need to pick up at least a couple of bottoms to get me through maternity leave. So, I decided it would be the perfect opportunity to break out the stroller for the first time and see how Audrey enjoys shopping. She apparently loves it. She slept almost the entire time! We did end up spending 40 minutes in the dressing room, however. Audrey woke up while mommy was trying on clothes and needed a full feeding/diapering before we could leave. She still never made a peep the entire time and was passed out again by the time we got to the car.

The second trip was to the salon. My cousin, Anna (or Aunt Anna as she's known to Audrey) went with us. Mommy needed a trim and also my hairstylist is a good friend of mine and he needed to meet the baby! So, the three of us piled in the car and headed his way. Audrey was fantastic. Did her whole sleep/eat/diaper thing and that was about it.

The third trip was to the mall. Yes, I braved the mall with a three week old. And....she did perfect! Again, slept most of the time, or just sat in her stroller and looked around at everyone without making a sound. Love her!! We have several outings coming up this weekend and I'm excited about those.

Life is truly amazing and I couldn't be happier. Every day is so full of meaning and full of life.

Well, that's all for now! I'll leave you with some pics of my little angel baby!!


  1. Audrey is absolutely precious and gorgeous.

  2. Babies change everything, especially their mommies. You're a great mother to Audrey and she is adorable!