Monday, September 30, 2013

Mosaic Monday ~ Let's Bumbo!

Happy Monday, my peeps! I hope your weekend was fabulous and here's to hoping that this week is as well.

Since we last chatted, my Audrey girl is teething even more. In addition to one tooth she has three on the way. Teething may very well be the end of me! It's so hard to watch her be in so much pain and know there is nothing I can do. I've tried Tylenol, Orajel and teething tablets. All seem to provide minimal relief.

After a very long day yesterday, Audrey finally fell asleep on mommy's bed around 6 pm. I didn't know how long she would sleep, but it ended up being 11 hours. So around 5 am, she was awake and ready to go (at least for a good hour).  Along with teething, Audrey is also on the verge of sitting up by herself. She sits on my lap with minimal support and really tries her hardest to pull herself up if she's in a lounging type position. She's no longer a huge fan of her Boppy, so yesterday mommy borrowed a Bumbo from her bestie. I don't know about you, but 5 am sounded like a great time to try it out to me! Below is our Bumbo adventure.

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  1. Love this post. Made me laugh and I needed to laugh today. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Look at my grand girl! She's growing too fast!

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