Friday, November 1, 2013

What You See.

We've all been there. That tinge of jealousy you feel when reading someone else's post on Facebook.

"Thanks to my amazing hubby for the early birthday present! I love you so much!"
"We're pregnant....AGAIN!"
"Vacation in the Bahamas!!"
"Just bought a new house!!!"

But what you see isn't always what you get. In fact, it's been my experience that most of the time what you see is NOT what you get. I've known firsthand for posts gushing with love for a spouse or a boyfriend to come from couples struggling to make it day to day in their relationships. Posts about excitement over pregnancies don't show the pain and suffering that came from the many injections needed for IVF. Or the grief that came with the pregnancy that ended too soon. Those posting vacation pictures don't tell you that the family argued the entire trip and their relationships will never be the same. And while John Doe my have a new house, John Doe also has debt that will hang over his head for 30 years forcing him to count pennies the entire time.

This is not meant to call anyone out or shame anyone. Certainly no one is of any obligation to post the intimate details of their lives online. And in fact, we all know someone who posts things that are TOO intimate. No, sir. I do not wish to see the pictures of your gallbladder surgery. No, ma'am. I don't need to know you and your mother had a huge fight and you're done talking to her.

My point is simply this: take Facebook and other social media sites with a grain of salt. And by all means, do NOT use them as a measuring stick for your own life. Just because someone achieved something prior to you and without your specific struggle, doesn't mean they didn't struggle. Nor does it make you a failure for not achieving it yet.

Your life is meant to be lived by you; including both struggles and successes. Keep your eyes on YOUR prize. Keep a grateful heart. And when someone posts a picture of their amazing new adventure, "Like" it, comment if you wish, and then get back to your own amazing adventure.

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  1. This was in the news recently, how Facebook not only causes depression, it also causes what’s known as the “fear of missing out.” Based on the study, people have feelings of inadequacy when they see members of their social circles posting photos of fabulous vacations, expensive purchases and even adorable children. That is totally foreign to me. I would never compare the life I know (mine) to someone else's life that I don't know. Ever. Things are RARELY as they seem.