Friday, January 24, 2014

Happiness Is Mine.

I promised you a happy post last week and I failed to fulfill. So here it is!!

My precious angel baby that I am so deeply, madly in love with is 7 months old!! I cannot believe how fast the time is flown by. Before I know it she will be a year old! But I refuse to think that far ahead. Right now she is 7 months old and a total "mess cat," as I call her. She is so on the verge of crawling it's not even funny. The platinum blonde hair is getting thicker by the day. She loves to laugh and play. And as crazy as it sounds, she can keep a beat!!! She loves to pat her hands and kick her feet. She brings me joy beyond measure. 


  1. She's a doll, Leslie. I enjoy seeing pictures of her and how she's changing. They grow so fast and time does fly by when you have a child.

  2. She brings her nonni joy beyond measure, too. LOVE HER!