Tuesday, April 15, 2014

10 Months Old!

In just three days my chunka will be 10 months old! I say it every time, but I cannot believe it. This past month/age has been one of my favorites for sure. She is into so much and learning new things almost daily. Here's a quick overview of the exciting things that have been going on.

Chunka LOVES to read. 
This is her favorite book entitled "Baby's Best Friend." She has been known to let you read to her for a solid hour. 

Chunka loves to play with her blocks/name puzzle.
She can't quite figure out how to place the letters yet, but she knows what she's supposed to be doing. 

Chunka loves her ball pit. 
A gift from a friend; this has quickly become one of her favorite attractions. She dives in and crawls out with ease and speed! 

Chunka can almost walk! 
She flies around with the help of this walker, but it won't be long until she's walking tall on her own. 

Chunka can say "night night."

Chunka can say "duck."

Speaking of "duck," Chunka LOVES her duck.
He is her best buddy and is always close by her side. 

My angel baby is the light of my life!!!!!!!!! I never knew I could love on this level. And it gets deeper and deeper with every day that passes. I love you, Audrey Emeline!!


  1. I had no idea what a grandmother's love would feel like, and that's because it's beyond description. I love her more with each passing day. Her smile chases away every shadow of gloom and every ache and pain. She is my sunshine for always. Love each picture and video.

  2. I enjoy watching her grow even if it is online. She's adorable.