Thursday, December 13, 2012

I am WOMAN! (but who cares??!!)

Sexism, feminism, whatever you want to call it, I'm OVER it. Seriously.

In the past week I have read two articles addressing supposedly "sexist" behavior.

The first article was about two top chefs joining a plea to Hasbro for a "gender-neutral" Easy-Bake Oven. Apparently a girl went to buy one for her brother (who is four) and was bothered by the fact that they only came in purple and pink.

The second article was regarding an Ohio college that refused to put up "MEN WORKING" signs on a construction site because they were "discriminatory" against women.

BOTH articles have left me completely outraged and over the battle of the sexes that America seems to be trapped in.

First of all, since when are pink and purple "girl only" colors? And what harm could possibly come from a 4 year old using an Easy-Bake Oven that was pink and purple?? It's the same stupid concept that drove Lego to produce pink Lego sets  because apparently the others were too boy driven and girls were getting upset. Or shall we say their over-bearing, over-aggressive, "I have to feel equal otherwise I feel bad about myself," mothers were. When it comes to the ovens, this is how I see this stupidity playing out:

Annoyed Women: "WHAT? You're saying that only WOMEN belong in the kitchen? This isn't the 1950's! Women work now, you know! They're not slaves to men and housework anymore!"

Annoyed Men: "Only women can cook!?? That's outrageous. Men cook just as much as women these days. And why should we be subjected to girly colors? We're manly men!"

Me: "SHUT THE HECK UP AND GET OVER IT! It's a toy for crying out loud! Yes, women work. No, it's not the 1950's. Yay for you, you feel semi-equal. (Which to me is totally a personal ego issue. Equality has very little to do with rights anymore and everything to do with your own view of yourself.) Yes, men cook. Yay for you, you finally can cook that meal your girlfriend always wanted. Yes, you're manly. If you're that manly you should be able to handle a pink oven, if  you're not manly, you should like the pink oven!!

Okay, on to the second article. Has anyone ever seen a woman work a construction site? I haven't. And if a woman DOES work at a construction site, that sign should make her happy. She got her wish. She's now seen as equal to a man.

Yes, I'm fired up today. I am over people being offended in this country. I'm over trying to make everything a power struggle. There are so many important things in life that get pushed aside so we can spend time complaining about this crap. Get over it. Grow up. Be proud of who you are and what you do and if no one acknowledges it, welcome to the real world. You be proud of you. That's really all that matters.

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  1. It's mainly annoyed women, if you really notice. Pardon me, but militant feminists are such whiners. As I have stated through the years, being "equal" to men isn't their goal. Being "like" men is. Whatever.