Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Brain Farts and More Exciting Things.

So sorry for the lack of postings lately. I have been completely uninspired. I guess it's the "preggo brain" kicking in. Several things have been kicking in where that is concerned! I've also recently become incredibly clumsy. I drop almost EVERYTHING. Then I have a hard time picking it all back up! I also spill things on the regular. I trip, run into walls and such. It's quite a blast.

Peanut and I entered the 6th month this week! Cannot believe it. However, I have a feeling that from now until she's born it's going to creep by.

I will say that as much as I enjoy being pregnant, I am ready to fit into my regular clothes again! I own about 5 things that fit me in this state and they are all sweaters. I have a couple of pairs of maternity jeans and they each get rotated in and out with the jeans and boots. I'm sure everyone at work thinks I am in dire need of help as I wear the same things over and over. I just cannot invest in maternity clothing that's for the winter though. It will only be cold a couple more months (if that) and I won't be this size next year so it would just be a total waste.

I finally got my room in some sort of order. Her crib should come this week and that will add the finishing touches to allow for the decorating. My changing table came in last week and is nicely put together in my closet. It fits perfectly and I've done some rearranging so that other things will fit in there as well. I've even got a little bin of toys waiting on her courtesy of my bestie. The dog has already spied them, however, and thinks they're for her! Ha! I caught her in the closet inspecting a stuffed animal that she had removed from the basket. I took it from her, told her "No! This is for your sister!" and then shut the door to the closet. A few hours later she was at the door whining. Haha. This should be interesting.

Other than that, nothing else is really going on. I do have a mini-makeover planned for this weekend. I'll post pictures once that happens. :)  I NEED a full makeover. I need a tan, my toes need to be done, my hair needs to be done....sad. I do plan on getting all of that done prior to the baby's arrival and shortly thereafter as well. Until then I'll just continue to avoid mirrors like the plague!

Well that's all for now! Sorry I don't have anything more thrilling to relay! Maybe next time.

(And no, not me and my shoe choices. Just in case anyone wondered. Ha!)


  1. Nobody that knows you "wondered." :-)

  2. Guess we need to get bumper pads on the walls or wrap you in bubble wrap! I'm hoping Peanut doesn't think the dog toys are hers. lol :-)

    1. Well, the dog's toys aren't as fun (which may be why the dog went for hers.) She has one squeak toy that she LOVES and I'll have to keep that away from the baby I'm sure. But other than that, I look for it to be Charlie who gets in the baby's toys!