Saturday, August 3, 2013

It's Just Pee.

Yes, those words have become part of my vocabulary. Never would I have thought I would live to see the day. But that's what an almost 7 week old baby that pees all the time and on everything will do to you. I have nicknamed Audrey the "pee queen." The child pees on EVERYTHING; herself, her bed, my bed, me, her changing table, her bouncer.....everything. She is worse than a boy, I do believe. I've tried to combat the problem with different diapers (brands and sizes)  to no avail. I finally have thrown in the towel and purchased stock in Tide. Okay, maybe I haven't taken it that far yet, but I should probably seriously consider it.  I have, however, become less bothered by the pee in general and just sort of,....go with the flow, shall we say??

After the first appearance by her highness, I freaked out. She was on her changing table and I simply went to change her diaper when all of a sudden she was covered in pee, from her bottom all the way to her hair. I don't exactly remember the steps to the pee dance we did, but everyone and everything ended up being washed. But those days have long passed us and now it's "grab a wipe and go." If the pee makes it to her hair now, she simply gets a cloth bathing - unless of course, she needs a full bath anyway, but that is a rarity.

Funny how the OCD in me is totally taking a backseat. Before I would have NEVER allowed anything to stay unwashed that had the smallest amount of pee on it. Now? I'm pretty sure there's a pee spot on my comforter as I type. And two formula stains on my sheets....welcome to motherhood.

My little pee queen. 


  1. She's so cute. At least it's not poop everywhere. LOL Get some pee pads for the beds. I wish you could buy the thick ones like hospitals use for that problem with adults. I have some. They are great.

  2. She sure is a pretty little "pee queen."