Wednesday, August 28, 2013

This and That.

Life is a bit chaotic at the moment. My days are filled with job searching, telephone screenings and the like. I had an interview on Monday. It was the first one I've had. I've had several phone interviews/screenings, but none of them have turned into a solid interview. And boy, was it an interview!  Three and half hours with six people. Yes. Six people. Insane! I THINK it went really well, but you never know with those type of things. They didn't say when they would be making a decision by but my guess would be by the end of the week. Fingers, toes and eyes crossed that I get it. The company is amazing and I think it would be really great to work for; a place to retire at, actually.

On the baby front, Audrey is growing leaps and bounds. She turned 10 weeks old yesterday. Cannot believe it. She's really starting to come alive and has such a little personality. She laughed out loud for the first time today. She's laughed in her sleep before but never AT something/someone. This one was brought on by mommy singing and dancing with her to Disney songs.  She's also hitting milestones; holding her head more and with better control, holding herself up on her arms (not quite there yet, but almost), sleeping through the night (BIG ONE!) and eating like crazy. I will probably start adding some cereal to her formula in the next two weeks. We will see how that goes.

Well, that's all from this side of the world. Until next time, lovelies.

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  1. I can't wait to have her laugh for Nonni. She sure does smile big at her. :-) This picture needs to be on the cover of some magazine. It is ADORABLE!