Saturday, December 8, 2012

Decorating Dilemmas.

Since I'm going to be back in an apartment again and not in a house, I'm going to be utilizing my current furniture in my bedroom - a white suite set I've had since I was 4.  Once I get it set up I'll post a picture, but it includes a full headboard and foot board along with a cute little vanity. I say little, but really it's somewhat massive.  Anyway, with the baby having to be in my room, I plan to get a white crib and changing table to match. The crib will be on the side of my bed while the changing table may actually be...wait for the walk in closet.  Yes, I know it sounds a big rigged, but I really think it will be the best option. The closet is very, very long and has lots of space. No reason not to utilize it to it's maximum potential. I may not actually NEED a changing table from what I hear. Most of the mothers I know just change the kid wherever they are; floor of the living room, couch, bed. They just use one of those pads.

ANYWAY, that was a very long intro into the meat of this post. Ha! As far as my living room goes I will be obtaining new furniture with the exception of an over-sized chair and a coffee table (found at a thrift store for $15.) I will need to get a sofa and end tables. Also going to get some new wall decor. I've already "found" a couple of wall pieces to use. They're at my mom's house and are actually mine, but I didn't take them with me in my first move. The sofa, however is proving to be a bit of a pain. Everything that I like is running about $400 and up. I don't want to do IKEA. I've done their stuff before and it's just not really my style anymore. I've looked online at a TON of places but nothing screams out to me other than the most expensive thing in the inventory! Anyone have any suggestions? I've tried thrift store and garage sales...nothing. I want something sturdy yet comfortable. Nothing Victorian looking. Nothing dark green or maroon. And nothing leather.

I've found a dinette set that I'm going to get from Wal-Mart, believe it or not. Really like the look and it will mesh well with my other things. They had a couple of couches but nothing I would just buy sight unseen (most of their furniture you have to order online.) So for now I'm left with a chair and a coffee table. Hopefully no one is planning on visiting any time soon!


  1. I totally had friends who kept their changing table AND their rocking chair in the walk in closet and it worked out brilliantly. It will for you too! :)

  2. Are you still in the Houston area? There's a great consignment shop the corner of Wilcrest and Westheimer that always has great stuff without breaking the bank. It's how I ended up with a Thomasville bedroom set for a fraction of the cost.