Monday, June 10, 2013

Due Date

Let me start by saying I am feeling waaaaay better than I was at the time of my last posting. I still have a mild sinus infection, but it seems to get better every day.  Today was my 39 week appointment. No change. Baby is still "high." However, my doctor told me that he would induce me if I want him to since I'm at 39 weeks. I had several dates in mind when I went in to talk to him and decided that next Wednesday, June 19th, will be D-Day. She's not officially due until the 17th, so I figured I would give her until at least then to get out on her own. :) I'm still slightly anxious, however, having a set date makes me feel MUCH better. 

I got a kick out of talking to my doctor today. He has been practicing FOREVER and is quite hilarious (very dry sense of humor). Today I was talking to him about Audrey and how I can't believe she hasn't dropped because I swear every night that she's getting lower and lower. I asked him today, "So, if she's not dropping, then what am I feeling?" His response? "Well, that happens because we live on Earth. It's called gravity. If we lived on Mars you wouldn't be feeling like you do." Ha! Thanks doc. He's had several "standout" statements during the earlier course of my pregnancy. One of which was when I was describing my pain to him and he commented, "It's gonna get worse." Such a realist. Lol!!

Oh, I am officially out on maternity leave as of today. With being sick last week and all of that hoopla, I figured it was just best for my health and my sanity if I went ahead and took off. It may mean that I have to go back a week early (depending on my finances), but I truly think it was worth it.  So, I've got this week to just chill and try and "relax" as people keep suggesting that I do. Although last week if one more person told me to relax, they were going to get a nice relaxed hand upside of their face, this week I feel like I might actually be at the point where I CAN relax. Rest? No. Relax? Perhaps. I will try anyway.

Until next time, peeps....

39 Weeks!
P.S. Totally proud of myself. I have gained ZERO pounds in the last 3 weeks. Woot woot!!

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  1. We'll try to walk her out of there by the 17th. Maybe a little castor oil.